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New Products
Case Study
Boosting sales with branded USB gifts
Flashbay supplies the 'Josh Davis Band' with USB flash drives
Flashbay and EBS Alumni attract top-notch Chinese students to Germany
Flashbay Limited and Dasan International Network
Flashbay goes Carbon Neutral
(ISO) 9001:2000 Passed with Flying Colors
New Rescue Service
Flashbay announces 10 year product warranty
Carry your Preferred PC applications with Portable Flash Drive Apps
DataPreloaded USB Drives for efficient corporate presentations
Flash Drives for Corporate Event Giveaways
MLC Development and High Capacity NAND Flash Memory
Use Key Shaped USB Drives to Unlock Your Brand's Potential
Tie Clip Style USB Flash Drive, we call it the 'Tie USB'
We designed the Kinetic USB drive just for you!
Our new SMT line arrives by crane
Credit Card Shaped Flash Drives that Fit Easily In Your Wallet
A New Kind of Rotating USB Drives - The Rotator
Protect your data from deletion using Flashbay's Dual Zone Flash Drives
Imitation is the highest form of flattery
USB Flash Drives with Form and Function - Introducing the Pop USB
Inject interest into your promotional campaign with the Trix USB Flash Drive
The Ultimate Mini USB Flash Drives - Introducing the Halo USB
Share some festive spirit with the Christmas USB
Introducing the latest promotional tool – Lanyards with integrated USB flash drives
A High Tech Promotional Idea You Can Use to Grow Your Small Business
7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives
Cool Things You Can Do With a USB Flash Drive
Life Expectancy of a USB Flash Drive
The Most Cost Effective Method to Build Brand Awareness For Your Business
Keep Your Branding Message Visible in the Hands of Your Target Audience with Our Ink USB Flash Pens
5 Powerful Methods to Build Brand Awareness Without Having to Shout
Follow These Trade Show Marketing Tips to Get More Qualified Leads
Boost Your Branding & Message by Promoting with Image USB Flash Drives
Build Incredible Customer Loyalty By Giving Gifts to Clients
Marketing Ideas for Photographers - How to Get More Clients and Instantly Boost Your Business
Introducing the USB Business Card – A Cool and Powerful Lead Generating Marketing Tool
Follow these B2B Lead Generation Methods to Bring in New Customers & Boost Your Sales
Promote Your School With Branded USB Flash Drives
Learn these Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Get Anyone to Buy From You
2GB USB Flash Drives - The most popular USB Storage Capacity for Promotional Uses
Unique Fundraising Product Ideas for Schools, Clubs, and Churches
Introducing the Clip USB - a cute & tiny USB flash drive that doubles as a Paper Clip
Introducing the Flip USB – Grow your business with this innovative USB Flash Drive
2012 Eco-Friendly Kick-Start with the Nature USB Flash Drive
Say Hello to our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your Competition!
Looking for a corporate and trendy USB drive? Welcome the Executive USB
Stay ahead of the curve with the Ellipse USB
Swedish News TV Show Highlights Flashbay’s Wafer USB Card
Trustpilot Review of the Day
USB Bracelet For Your Fan Base
Our Hottest promotional gift this summer: the Slap USB Bracelet
Introducing Carbon, our new high-tech USB Flash Drive!
Flashbay Number 1 on Trustpilot
It's Back to School for your Business with the Focus USB
Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives
Flashbay Expands to Singapore
8GB is the new 128MB!
Boost your Brand with Presentation Tins
Flashbay and the environment
Ordered, Customised and Delivered in just 6 working days!
British Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
Flashbay Donates to the Freedom Charity
CARE Australia Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
The Evolution of USB Flash Drives
Flashbay Donates to Qualibooks
Nature USB Drive awarded as an “Eco Design”
The New Note USB Memory Pen
Which flash drive design should I choose?
The New Wafer USB Card Video
How to Stand Out at an Exhibition
Flashbay sponsors Hong Kong Junior Chamber Seminar
Trust Flashbay to supply your USB flash drives
The personal touch
Flashbay donates to the Vital For Children Charity
Photography Marketing Ideas
Conquering ‘USB device not recognised’ on Windows
Business-to-Business Marketing Ideas
Small Business Marketing
8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a boost
How to promote your music
How to recover lost data from a USB Flash Drive
Safely Remove USB
USB Dead Drops
Flashbay offers USB 3.0 option
Presentation ideas for your Flash Drives
How much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?
Interesting uses for USB Flash Drives
Introducing our 3 new models – Gyro, BabyTwister and Gauge
36,523 Positive Trustpilot Reviews and Counting
Our new website
USB Flash Drive not showing data
Windows 10 to be sold on USB Flash Drives
Using USB Flash Drives to make the roads safer
USB Flash Drives for Portfolios
Picture this: USB Flash Drives for Wedding Photographers
Introducing the Nox USB Flash Drive
Google Cloud USB Flash Drive Service
Branded Flash Drives as Christmas gifts


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How do I use a USB Flash Drive?
Advantages of using a Flash Drive over an External Hard Drive, DVD-R or Floppy Disk.
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What is a USB Flash Drive?
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Are USB flash drives susceptible to corruption from airport security technology?
Are all USB Flash Drives created equal?
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Do we format as Removable Storage or Local Disk?
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What is Windows ReadyBoost?
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NAND Flash and price change
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