Blog Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives

Custom Flash Drives are just great high tech promotional gifts, so versatile as to be embraced by a wide range of industries in their promotions.

The music industry is a great example of how a particular industry has utilised custom USB drives in a very unique way: distributing album releases, fan merchandise, tickets or passes to live events has never been easier thanks to promotional high tech USB products. Flashbay, with over 10 years of experience and a global leader in the custom USB market, can preload your preferred data onto your personalized USBs so they are ready for distribution the moment you receive them. We can also customize your Flash Drives further with our many packaging options which will make your USBs unforgettable to your most important audience.

We have a lot of satisfied customers from the music business and their success stories are truly inspiring. Forward thinking bands like the American pop group Josh Davis Band decided to start selling their music on USB Flash Drives rather than on traditional CDs. This has allowed them to provide their fans with new music releases every time they attend a gig, along with other promotional and informative material about the band. Similarly, the Polish rock band Yoga Terror has used their FanDrive, a customized version of our Lizzard USB Bracelet, to give their fan base exclusive benefits like free tickets, bonus tracks and discounts on shows. Also, the up-and-coming Swedish hip-hop Group Näääk used the Wafer USB Card to release latest production which got country wide recognition on a national breakfast TV show.

If you're in the music, media or any other creative industry and you want to learn about how Flashbay can successfully bring you to the next level in organising your music event, then just contact us today to get your project ready in just 6 days!

How The Josh Davis Band used USB Flah Drives to promote their music

flashbay Author: Dave Barret
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Chris , Flashbay | 28 May, 2024
Hi Art,

Thanks for your inquiry. We'll be in contact soon regarding our models, prices and uploading your songs.


Chris at Flashbay
Art Vallejo | 27 May, 2024
Can I get a pricing info on a branded USB drive key chain? Looking to do a live EP of demo songs for my band. Thank you
grupoalterna , grupoalterna | 05 Feb, 2015
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BulkUSB | 15 Nov, 2013
Great idea for music Industry, Promote your brand and music in a unique way by distributing your music and other promotional items like tickets or passes preloaded in promotional customised USB drives with your brand's name and logo.
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