FAQsAdvantages of using a Flash Drive over an External Hard Drive, DVD-R or Floppy Disk.

At the size of a pack of chewing gum, USB Flash Drives are far smaller than external hard drives, and with no fragile moving parts that can break if dropped, they're more easily transported. USB Flash Drives also do not require the time-consuming configuration required to connect an external hard drive to your computer.

USB ports are much more common than CD and DVD burners, so USB Flash Drives will work with more computers than CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Also, the process of uploading files from your computer to a USB Flash Drive is much faster and simpler than burning a CD or DVD. Additionally, USB Flash Drives act like portable hard drives to which you can add and delete files as many times as you like. With CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, you can only add data once, and you can't remove data once it's burned onto the disc.

And it’s needless to remind that a standard floppy disc, holding only 1.44 MB of data, doesn’t stand much of a chance in front the very large storage space (up to 128GB) that a USB Flash Drive can offer nowadays.