FAQs On the Go Flash Drives (OTG) explained

Some of our models offer Dual USB connectors. These models are commonly referred to as 'On the Go' Flash Drives. One end will always have a standard full-size USB connector, technically referred to as 'Type-A'. The other end is a choice of either a USB-C connector or a Micro-USB connector.

OTG Custom Thumb Drive USB-C Devices
The USB-C connector, otherwise known as a 'Type-C connector', is compatible with any device that has a USB-C port. This includes Apple's latest MacBook laptops, the HP Spectre laptop, Samsung's Galaxy S8 Smartphone, the Google Pixel Smartphone and many more. The list of USB-C compatible devices is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.

USB-C Custom Thumb Drives Micro-USB Devices
The Micro-USB connector, otherwise known as a 'Micro-B connector', is compatible with any On the Go device that features a Micro-USB port. This includes several Smartphones, Tablets and Digital Camera models.

microUSB Customized Thumb DriveBenefits of On the Go Flash Drives
On the Go Flash Drives combine two USB connectors in the one model. Benefits of which include:
  • Offers extra storage for your Tablet or Smartphone. Simply plug in and transfer your files to the Flash Drive.
  • Also works as Flash Drive for your Laptop or Computer
  • Transfer files quickly between a Standard (Type-A) USB device and a USB-C or Micro-USB device via the dual connector ends.
  • You can also transfer files from your USB-C or Micro-USB devices to your Type-A device.
On the Go Flash Drives are an extremely modern way to promote your organisation. The convenience of the Dual Connectors will ensure that your Customers and Clients will use your Branded Flash Drives for years to come.

When ordering this item for a Promotional Event, consider splitting the order between connector types. For example, if you want 500 Lynx drives, order 250 with USB-C connectors and 250 with Micro-USB connectors. At the Event you can ask the recipient which connector type they would like, based on the mobile device they have.