Blog 2GB USB Flash Drives - The most popular USB Storage Capacity for Promotional Uses

If you’re considering using promotional USB drives for your promotion for the first time, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed at the abundance of choices.

There are so many models, colors, and styles of USBs to choose from. Even after you have selected your favorite USB Flash Drive models, you’re still left with selecting an appropriate storage capacity for your USB drives.

Some people think that having choices is a good thing. But studies after studies have confirmed that too many choices can paralyze our minds and left us feeling more confused.

When presented with choices, I usually opt for the most popular or what’s recommended by people I know and trust. With that said, what’s the most popular storage capacity for promotional USB Flash Drives?

The Most Popular Storage Capacity for Promotional USB Flash Drives

Based on Flashbay’s order history, 2GB USB Flash Drives have been outselling other capacities every year. The 1GB and 4GB drives are also quite popular. But the 2GB beat them by a wide margin! Why is the 2GB USB flash drives the clear winner?

At 2GB, it has enough memory to store critical promotional content, yet still has some storage space left for the recipients to use at their discretion. A good amount of free memory to allocate for personal use is at least 1GB.

Content You Can Preload into a 2GB Promotional USB Flash Drives

To have an idea of how much data a 2GB USB Flash Drives can hold, consider this: an MP3 music file occupies around, 4-8MB. A printable photo image file is around 2-3MB. A Music Video occupies about 50-100MB (depending on the compression method used), and a PDF document usually occupies less than 1MB.

As you can see, for most promotional uses, 2GB flash drives give you plenty of storage space!

Your Choices of 2GB Promotional USB Flash Drives

If you’re ready to promote your business with 2GB USB Flash Drive, here are some popular models:

Impress Clients with USB Business Cards
2GB USB Business Card

Capless Twister USB Drives
2GB Twister USB Drives

USB Bottle Openers
USB Bottle Openers

USB Keys

Kinetic USB Drives
Kinetic USB Drives

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Chris , Flashbay | 26 Feb, 2024
Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

An Account Manager will contact you shortly to discuss your needs.


Chris at Flashbay
Alan Dunderdale, Burnley Talking News | 24 Feb, 2024
Hi, We are wanting 6 USB memory sticks of 2gb.
We are told they must be of a high quality and "named "as our copier keeps failing because of the master memory stick.
Belinda King | 07 Mar, 2018
Can I have a price on 10 pieces of 2gb usb flash drives please? Cheapest available don't care about size etc preferably different colours.
Chris , Flashbay | 02 Oct, 2014
Hi Alain,

Thanks for getting in touch. The fastest way for you to get a quotation is to fill our online quote form below. One of our Account Managers will then contact you shortly and provide you with everything you need:

You can meanwhile visit our product range here:

If there is anything else you need help with, please let us know.


Alain | 02 Oct, 2014

I have a client interested in buying 500 units of 2GB USB flash drives.

Could you please provide me with a quotation on some different models so I can show them to my client.

Thank you and best regards,
Alain Costa
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