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As a market leader in the promotional technology sector, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously as demonstrated by the fact that since February 2008 Flashbay has been Carbon Neutral certified. CarbonNeutral Company calculated Flashbay's footprint by measuring the CO2 equivalent emissions from its premises, manufacturing processes, logistics, company owned vehicles, business travel and waste to landfill. We reduced emissions by:
  • Selecting Carbon Neutral partners and suppliers where possible.
  • Analysing all Flashbay processes from product packing to machine operation and optimising each process by reducing usage, increasing efficiency, and avoiding wastage for activates with environmental consequence.
  • Innovation: integrated more efficient components into computers and products.
  • Taking responsibility for unavoidable emissions by investing in renewable offset projects from The Carbon Neutral Company®.
Not only do we strive to use recycled materials wherever possible in all our models, we also produce the fully Carbon Neutral Nature USB flash drive using sustainably harvested wood. And our efforts to be environmentally aware don't just extend to our products - the majority of Flashbay's employees travel to work by public transport, by bicycle or on foot and in doing so help to ensure that our collective carbon footprint is minimised.

To keep improving our environmental work we have two main objectives: 1) to be respected as a pro-active company who delivers action on climate change, and 2) engage customers, employees and suppliers alike over serious environmental issues. Read more about our environmental policy and join us in our mission.


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Chris , Flashbay | 09 Dec, 2014
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for getting in touch. Your dedicated Account Manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible to get you all the RoHS information you need.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Christopher Bush, Karl Storz Imaging | 09 Dec, 2014
I am writing to obtain a RoHS declaration of conformity for the 4GB drive we buy form you.
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