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The credit crunch has really bared its teeth over the past 18 months. For companies across the world, this economic slump has presented some major challenges.

For many it has simply been a matter of survival, for others finding creative and innovative ways to do business and generate profits has been – and still is – an ongoing battle.

Companies are having to become smarter in their marketing tactics and for many small to medium-sized businesses aggressive and expensive marketing campaigns have been replaced by increasingly canny tactics in the race to first sustain and ultimately grow sales.

One subtle way to get your company’s message out there – and ultimately boost sales – is to use branded USB Flash Drives as corporate giveaways. Custom branded Flash Drives are a simple and cost effective concept, perfectly suited to being given free of charge to staff, customers and clients as part of your firm’s sales and marketing drive. They are extremely useful and are the perfect vehicle to deliver both your branding message and any associated digital information.

Aside from the initial impact of receiving a high quality branded device the recipient is left with an item that will serve them well for many years to come and with each use they are exposed to your company logo and branding information.

What better way could there be to keep your company fresh in the mind or your clients and customers? Long after other corporate gifts have been thrown away your custom branded USB Flash Drives will still be in daily use.

Repeated exposure will ensure that your marketing message has the desired effect – whether that is increased sales or improved client retention. Keep this in mind they next time you need a potent promotional tool – how many times will the ultimate recipient use the item and be exposed to your message?

In most cases the number will be pitifully small – handing out ‘throwaway’ gifts is just like throwing away your marketing budget. Instead, invest in custom branded USB Flash Drives, give your customers and clients the benefit of an item that they will find extremely useful and watch their opinion of your company grow.

flashbay Author: James Appleton
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Mellicia Syster | 23 Jul, 2023
I'm interested in this product
Scott Bartlett, Hard Rock Cafe | 08 Nov, 2010
Very Interesting?  I am an Manager at Hard Cock Cafe and am over all events that are booked.  Might be interested in such a product as a giveaway/promotional item.

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