About UsMusic Distribution by USB Flash Drive

Whether it's for an unsigned band or a major rock star, music distribution by USB Flash Drive is a fast growing concept. Flashbay has been supplying Flash Drives for use in this revolutionary way for over 6 years and have worked with bands, record labels and marketing companies on hundreds of music related USB projects.

Why choose Flashbay as your hardware partner:

  • Original manufacturer of USB Flash Drives and USB cards
  • We're offering excellent value for money
  • Experts in the data preloading process
  • Experienced in working on confidential music releases
  • Accommodating of smaller projects
  • Probably the faster manufacturer of custom USB Flash Drives in the world, able to turn projects around in as little as 6 working days
  • Wide range of models to match any act (our product samples can be with you tomorrow)
Music USB card

Typical uses for USB Flash Drives in the music industry:

  • Album releases
  • Fan merchandise
  • Rapid distribution of live performance Mp3s after a show
  • Promotional giveaways
  • As 'tickets' or passes to live events (e.g. USB wristbands)

Our Data Preloading Service:

Ensuring your Mp3s, Mp4s and promotional material are correctly uploaded to each Flash Drive is mission critical. You can learn more about our data preloading service here.

Packaging and Accessories:

With packaging playing an important part in any promotion, we have developed a range of popular boxes and accessories which can be printed or engraved. learn More

Band News:

Josh Davis from the 'Josh Davis Band' chooses USB Flash Drives, supplied by Flashbay, to promote his hot midwest alternative country music. Check out the video.