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One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Flashbay is...
“How can you create a USB Flash Drive in the exact same colour as my brand guidelines?”

The answer: “Via the beauty of the Pantone Colour Matching system.”

Call us geeks, but the world of Pantone® Colour Matching is strangely interesting. The ‘Colour Matching System’ was created in the 1950s by a man called Lawrence Herbert who worked at M & J Advertising. It was designed to be a ‘colour dictionary’ for the printing industry. Lawrence bought-out the agency owners in 1960 and renamed it ‘Pantone’. Take a look at the YouTube clip below of the Pantone® Headquarters in action (in English) – video made by the team at Quartz.

History lesson over, Pantone® is now used across the world by printers, designers and of course Branded USB Flash Drive manufacturers.

This system allows us to guarantee a 100% match with your brand colours. We can use the matching system across 65% of our range and there is usually no extra lead time added to your delivery for this service. As there is an amount of set-up work required the minimum order quantity for this service is 250 units and a small additional fee would apply.

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flashbay Author: Sam Sanchez
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