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FAQsDo we format as Removable Storage or Local Disk?

USB Flash Drives can be formatted either as 'Removable Storage' or as a 'Local Disk'.

At Flashbay we format Flash Drives as 'Removable Storage' by default, unless you supply us data which needs to Autorun in which case we format the drives as 'Local Disk'.

Advantage of Removable Storage:
Some network administrators may want to control use of USB Flash Drives on their internal Network. This can sometimes be easier to administrate if the Flash Drives appear as removable storage.  Removable Storage does not support Autorun, however it's the generally accepted industry standard formatting for USB drives.

Advantage of Local Disk:
Local Disks can support AutoRun. You can read about some benefits of AutoRun here.

Summary Table:
Removable Storage Local Disk Universal Disk Format (CDROM)
Default Formatting tick
Formatting when you request a data preload to 'Auto Run' tick
Formatting when you request 'File Lock'   (e.g. Drive with 2 partitions) tick (User Partition) tick (Locked partition)