Blog How to Increase Footfall on your stand at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

The more visitors your stand receives the higher the chances are of converting them into leads for your business.

With many other stalls trying to attract visitors, it can often be difficult to get noticed.
How can you stand out?

Be smart with your branding

With so many people walking past your stall you only have a very short window to grab their attention. That is why branding is key. You want to ensure you clearly brand your stall making it easy for people to quickly understand what it is your business does and how it can help them. A well branded stand can help to attract the attention of your visitors from afar and bring in people who are eager to learn more about your brand. Make sure your stand features the following:
  • Clearly displays your company logo
  • Displays information about your product and services
  • Showcases your products or services

    Select the right promotional products

    It’s important to understand that not every promotional product is a good fit for your company. Often giving out “cheap” promotional products can actually end up damaging your brand in the long run as your visitors will associate the quality of the product with your brand. You want to make sure your promotional products have a practical use. Especially if your promotional products are branded it’s important to get your logo in front of your visitors as often as you can.
    Some ideas on promotional products include:

    A branded Power Bank

    Seasonal giveaways

    Products they use daily – Wireless Charger

    Branded Keyring USB

    Create a Giveaway

    An effective promotional giveaway can help to raise the awareness and attract more people to engage with your stand. This also offers you the chance to stand out from your competitors as you are directly offering your customers something of value upfront. It’s important when hosting your giveaway that you do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

    • Your product must have a practical use e.g. A USB Flash Drive . If your visitors are constantly using your product this helps to showcase value.
    • Your product is high quality – The longer your product lasts the more your visitors can use it helping your brand to stay top of mind for longer
    • Your product is clearly branded. You want to ensure you have clear areas on the product that are branded with your logo and contact information. This is a great way to increase brand exposure of your business at zero cost.

      Have you used promotional products on your exhibition stand?

      You can view more unique Promotional product ideas on our website , where you can also request a quote .

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