Blog It's Back to School for your Business with the Focus USB

With business booming again, it is time to focus on new ways you can promote your company, school or university. Our brand new Focus USB Flash Drive is the perfect tool to accomplish just this with its sleek and compact design. This lightweight and portable custom USB drive does not have a cap but a unique metallic case instead that fully protects the USB connector.

The large carrying ring at the end of the flash drive makes it easily attachable to a key ring or lanyard so that you can take it around when you are on the move. This elegant and refined full metal flash drive can be laser engraved or screen printed with your logo and company message on both sides – making your brand stand out in a stylish way.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition this fall then make sure you try to distribute your brand with our Focus USB. Get an instant quote now and you won't regret it!


flashbay Author: Monica Olsen
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Kerry Adams | 26 Dec, 2013
With USB drives getting cheaper, and having more GBs on them than ever before, it makes sense to send data on these little stubs. I think that companies should not only send publicity material on these, there's much much more. A glossy paper cataloque or brochure is expensive and can furnish only so much info (if you put in too much info then few people will read it but just put it away - "I'll look into it later"). But this will do it like a website: click away to acess the info you really want and leave the rest. And there's more too, like price lists, parts catalogues etc.
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