FAQs Eco Hybrid Material

We now offer selected products and accessories in a new material we call 'Eco Hybrid'. This is part of Flashbay's long-term commitment to reduce the impact of our products on the environment.

Less plastic
Eco Hybrid is a composite of 40% fibrous bamboo material, mixed with plastic resins. The result is a material which has most of the characteristics of plastic such as strength and ease of injection moulding, but with a 40% reduction in the amount of plastic used.

Bamboo Benefits
Bamboo is a renewable natural resource that is stronger than steel, and twice as strong as concrete. Bamboo also travels well due to its lightweight structure, which means there are less emissions generated during transportation.

Reduction in CO2
Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) as it grows. As such, our Eco Hybrid products can reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions or can be Carbon Neutral. Using this biomass (through bio-based polymers, through natural fiber reinforcements or both) to create products constitutes a more permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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