FAQs What is a virtual proof?

A virtual proof is an electronic document (usually in pdf format) that we can supply to illustrate how your logo/details would look when branded on a given product.

Click image to see example of virtual proof:


We offer virtual proofs as a free service and aim to get them to you by email within 1-2 hours of receiving your artwork during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm). There is no obligation to order, however if you wish to proceed with an order, your virtual proof represents the basis of our order fulfillment. If you are considering an order it is therefore important to check that you are happy with the proof and request modifications if required:

Virtual Proof checklist:
  • Spelling of any text, website address etc
  • Orientation of logo/text
  • Size and positioning of logo/text
  • Pantone® color refs (if applicable)
  • Abnormalities in the logo appearance
  • Check your company brand guidelines

Please note this list is just a suggested checklist and not exhaustive. Once a virtual proof is confirmed with an order, processing begins and we are not responsible for errors in fulfillment if they are evident on the virtual proof.

How to request Virtual Proof?

Start by filling in this form.

Resellers: As part of our reseller service we ensure that virtual proofs made for resellers do not bear the Flashbay logo or any reference to our company.