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Here at Flashbay, we sell several Audio products that can be branded with your logo, slogan and more. Many of these models are Bluetooth® compatible, meaning you can stream music and audio from your mobile device to the speaker or headphones, without the need for wires.

In our latest post, we list the most common questions regarding Bluetooth®. You can reply in the comments section with any other questions you may have, we’d be happy to help.

1) What is Bluetooth®?
Bluetooth® uses short-range Radio Frequency technology to transmit audio from one device to another, without wires. Most commonly from your phone to a speaker or pair of headphones.

2) Who invented Bluetooth®?
Jaap Hartsen, a Dutch electrical engineer who obviously had a passion for Scandinavian history (see below).

3) What’s with the name?
Bluetooth® is named after Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson who was a King of Denmark from 958 - 986. Amongst other things, Harald was responsible for unifying Denmark. In essence, Bluetooth® technology unifies two devices.

4) How secure is Bluetooth®?
Bluetooth® uses several layers of data encryption making it one of the most secure technologies out there.

5) What’s the best Bluetooth® range?
Anywhere between 0 to 10 metres. Anything further than this and you can expect the Bluetooth® to drop out.

6) Is my phone or tablet Bluetooth® compatible?
Any popular mobile or tablet device made in the last 10 years will likely be Bluetooth® compatible. You can check your device settings to see if Bluetooth® is a connectivity option.

Looking for Branded Bluetooth® products?
You can view our range of Bluetooth® Speakers, Headphones and Earphones here. We can brand each model with your logo, slogan and more.

flashbay Author: Sarah Chambers
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