Welcome to the Flashbay blog, where you can find fresh USB flash drive related ideas and news and ideas to build brand awareness for your business. Our employees contribute to this blog with thoughts and experiences which we hope you may find interesting, especially if you are considering using USB flash drives as a promotional tool. We look forward to your feedback and comments :)
11 Jun 2015
Introducing our 3 new models – Gyro, BabyTwister and Gauge
 We’re very excited to announce the arrival of 3 new models to the Flashbay family. Each model has been tastefully designed and skilfully crafted and all 3 are exclusively available to our customers. Gyro: The Gyro is small and sleek with a rotating base that reveals and retracts the USB connector. Both sides can be screen printed with your brand’s message ... Read More
02 May 2014
The New Note USB Memory Pen
Note USB Memory Pen The Note USB memory pen is the newest addition to our range of multifunctional USB flash drives, perfectly designed to promote your brand whilst being a practical and useful product. This stylish pen is shaped to fit nicely in your hand and comes with the added benefit of an easily accessible USB flash drive that’s with you whenever you ... Read More
23 Sep 2013
It's Back to School for your Business with the Focus USB
focus_usb_back_to_school With business booming again, it is time to focus on new ways you can promote your company, school or university. Our brand new Focus USB Flash Drive is the perfect tool to accomplish just this with its sleek and compact design. This lightweight and portable custom USB drive does not have a cap but a unique metallic case instead that ... Read More
30 Jul 2013
Introducing Carbon, our new high-tech USB Flash Drive!
carbon flash driveEver dreamed of owning Lamborghini’s latest supercar Sesto Elemento? With a 5.2 liter V10 engine and constructed from lightweight Carbon Fiber, it’s one of the fastest cars in the world. While the Sesto Elemento is out of reach of most people, you can now get a small taste of carbon fiber technology with Flashbay’s new Carbon USB Drive! Available in black, ... Read More
02 Jul 2013
Our Hottest promotional gift this summer: the Slap USB Bracelet
The Slap USB Bracelet is the newest addition to Flashbay’s multifunctional USBs, specially made to easy slap on your wrist so that you can bring it with you wherever you go. This USB bracelet has been uniquely designed and manufactured by Flashbay. Its trendy style, combined with a high quality USB Drive memory, makes it an ideal promotional gift. You ... Read More
07 Aug 2012
Stay ahead of the curve with the Ellipse USB
Executive USB Drive Here at Flashbay we're always striving to create new designs to add to our ever more impressive portfolio. Unlike our competitors who often choose to carry an overwhelming and confusing array of models we always maintain a focus on brandability and never lose sight of the fact that the quality of the design will be directly associated with your brand in the mind of the ... Read More
19 Jun 2012
Looking for a corporate and trendy USB drive? Welcome the Executive USB
Executive USB Drive We are pleased to offer you yet another new USB Flash Drive, uniquely designed and manufactured by Flashbay. While containing some similarities to other USB drives such as the Leather USB Drive and Voyager in being assembled using leather, unlike them the drive’s body is made of gleaming metal created by a chrome plated finish. This precise combination of classy ... Read More
22 Mar 2012
Say Hello to our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your Competition!
Light Custom USB Drive At Flashbay we regularly launch new promotional USB drives offering our clients a constantly wider product range. This month we're introducing the Light USB flash drive, our latest custom design which we're very proud of here at Flashbay. Let’s start with its name: the Light USB thumb drive's been appropriately named after its main asset: a LED torch integrated within the ... Read More
30 Nov 2011
Introducing the Flip USB – Grow your business with this innovative USB Flash Drive
flip usb flash drive Promotional Items are often used as an excellent way of brand exposure and acquisition of new clients. Flashbay’s new Flip USB has been meticulously designed and planned to be the perfect promotional USB gift. The issue with promotional gifts is that recipients lose interest and can throw them away. The exciting Flip model solves this by using both its innovative ... Read More
20 Oct 2011
Introducing the Clip USB - a cute & tiny USB flash drive that doubles as a Paper Clip
paper clip usb flash drive If you regularly use paper clips in your office, why not upgrade to USB paper clips? For those who want to send printed materials to clients accompagnied with large digital files, the Clip Series USB flash drive is the perfect solution. This cute looking and tiny USB flash device also doubles as a paper clip. Users can easily attach the Clip ... Read More
20 May 2011
Boost Your Branding & Message by Promoting with Image USB Flash Drives
canvas art If you’re a musician, artist, photographer, or entertainment organization wanting more branding areas to show off your best image, the Image USB Flash Drive is perfect for you! Recently launched, the Image USB Flash Drive features a full color branding area. Now, you can present your logo, message, and image on any combination of the front and back of the device. By ... Read More
14 Apr 2011
Keep Your Branding Message Visible in the Hands of Your Target Audience with Our Ink USB Flash Pens
promotional usb flash pen from Flashbay Some of you have been asking us for a stylish and fun, yet low cost promotional usb pen product. The wait is finally over. After extensive research and refinements by our product designer, we are launching an innovative & ergonomic usb flash pen product worthy as a promotional gift. During our research, we found that other USB pen designs currently in ... Read More
16 Feb 2011
Introducing the latest promotional tool – Lanyards with integrated USB flash drives
image of event lanyard usb flash drive promotional item from Flashbay While lanyards have been mainly used to hold ID cards and personal objects such as whistles and keychains, they have also been popular tools for marketing and promotions. A typical lanyard has a string with a plastic sleeve at the end to hold ID cards or any personal objects. They can be made in many different colors, although bright ... Read More
22 Oct 2010
Share some festive spirit with the Christmas USB
At the end of the year when the days close in and temperatures drop we know that Christmas is almost here and with it the perfect season to be thinking about corporate gift ideas. That’s why our talented team of designers have gone all festive and come up with the Christmas Series USB Flash Drive for use in all your ... Read More
18 Oct 2010
USB Flash Drives with Form and Function - Introducing the Pop USB
Some items have become so much a part of everyday life that we take them for granted until a design comes along which makes us think about them in a different light. The new Pop USB Flash Drive is such an item. Our designers have taken an already useful object, the Flash Drive, and combined it with an everyday essential, a ... Read More
05 Oct 2010
The Ultimate Mini USB Flash Drives - Introducing the Halo USB
During the last 6 months, the Halo USB has become increasingly popular. Within Flashbay's diverse product range the Halo USB is one of our earliest creations so we are very proud to see this incredibly compact mini USB Flash Drive become one of the month's best sellers. A few years ago, typical USB Flash Drives had dimensions similar to a cigarette ... Read More
10 Sep 2010
Imitation is the highest form of flattery
If it is true that imitation is the highest form of flattery then here at Flashbay we’re feeling extremely good about ourselves. Other suppliers in the market are scrambling to catch up with our latest hit products by buying copies of them in the Far East, not realising the counterfeits have a high risk of being seized and destroyed by ... Read More
01 Sep 2010
Tie Clip Style USB Flash Drive, we call it the 'Tie USB'
The power of understatement is often under appreciated and we like to think that our new product, the 'Tie Series', is the master of understatement when it comes to USB Flash Drives. The stunningly simple design appears to observers to be a normal tie clip and if that’s all it was, it would still look great. But ... Read More
31 Aug 2010
Inject interest into your promotional campaign with the Trix USB Flash Drive
The new ‘Trix Series’ USB Flash Drive has been exclusively developed by Flashbay’s team of talented designers and we are proud to say that this great design is now available to order. Available in a variety of standard colours, or Pantone matched to the colour of your choice, the Trix Series can be full colour photo printed ... Read More
17 Aug 2010
We designed the Kinetic USB drive just for you!
A few months ago, we tasked our talented team of designers to call up our customers, ask them what Flash Drive designs they would love to see and then come up with new and innovative products to meet their desires. After speaking to a hundred or so of our of customers ranging from marketing and purchasing managers to school heads and ... Read More