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Order Guide

How can I order from Flashbay?
What do the symbols mean in the product description?
What is a virtual proof?
How can I retrieve my password?
What are your Lead times?
Where can Flashbay deliver to?
What is the best file format for my logo file?
What's the minimum order quantity?
How will the products look when they arrive?

Products And Services

Are all USB Flash Drives created equal?
How do I use a USB Flash Drive?
How Do We Add Your Logo?
What Controller do we use in our USB Flash Drives?
How much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?
How do you setup AutoRun function?
Can I store and transfer music files with my USB Flash Drive?
Are USB flash drives susceptible to corruption from airport security technology?
Will my USB Flash Drive work with any computer?
Advantages of using a Flash Drive over an External Hard Drive, DVD-R or Floppy Disk.
What are the USB Flash Drive read and write speeds?
What is WEEE?
Do we format as Removable Storage or Local Disk?
What happened to 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB flash drive capacities?
Flashbay Warranty


What is a USB Flash Drive?
How can I protect my computer from viruses when using a USB Flash Drive?
What are SLC, MLC and TLC?
What is Windows ReadyBoost?
What is USB 2.0?
NAND Flash and price change
What is USB 3.0 or SuperSpeed USB?