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20 Oct 2011
Introducing the Clip USB - a cute & tiny USB flash drive that doubles as a Paper Clip
paper clip usb flash drive If you regularly use paper clips in your office, why not upgrade to USB paper clips? For those who want to send printed materials to clients accompagnied with large digital files, the Clip Series USB flash drive is the perfect solution. This cute looking and tiny USB flash device also doubles as a paper clip. Users can easily attach the Clip ... Read More
15 Sep 2011
Unique Fundraising Product Ideas for Schools, Clubs, and Churches
unique fundraising products ideas Are you tired of doing car washes, selling candies, and doing the same old boring fundraising activities to raise funds for your schools, clubs, or churches? Looking for unique fundraising product ideas to net you more money for your school, club, or church? At the previous companies where I worked, I was constantly harassed by my co workers ... Read More
12 Sep 2011
2GB USB Flash Drives - The most popular USB Storage Capacity for Promotional Uses
2GB USB Business CardIf you’re considering using promotional USB drives for your promotion for the first time, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed at the abundance of choices. There are so many models, colors, and styles of USBs to choose from. Even after you have selected your favorite USB Flash Drive models, you’re still left with selecting an appropriate storage capacity for your ... Read More
08 Sep 2011
Learn these Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Get Anyone to Buy From You
persuasion techniques for sales If you work in sales and marketing, you probably spend most of your time coming up with ideas and strategies to persuade people to buy or try your products. Persuasion is an important skill that can help you quickly achieve your goals, whether in business or your personal life. But is it an art that only advertisers, sales ... Read More
30 Aug 2011
Promote Your School With Branded USB Flash Drives
students studying As we approach the end of summer, many students are preparing to go back to school. For returning students, there is a sense of excitement as they look forward to seeing their friends again. However, for some of the incoming freshman students, it could be nerve wracking to go to a new environment and be away from their ... Read More
11 Aug 2011
Follow these B2B Lead Generation Methods to Bring in New Customers & Boost Your Sales
image of Google Search Listings Are you a B2B marketer struggling to generate high quality leads? Below are 5 lead generation methods you can implement to fill your lead funnel and delight your sales team: (1) Produce High Quality Content that Are Helpful Giving away useful and educational content that provide values to your target audience is one of the best sales lead generation methods today in ... Read More
25 Jul 2011
Introducing the USB Business Card – A Cool and Powerful Lead Generating Marketing Tool
image of woman holding usb business card The business card is an inexpensive and popular marketing tool. You have probably passed out hundreds if not thousands of your business cards to clients and prospects at meetings and events. But do you think most of your prospects keep your business cards around for long? Like it or not, your business cards probably got crumbled up and ended up in ... Read More
17 Jun 2011
Marketing Ideas for Photographers - How to Get More Clients and Instantly Boost Your Business
photography marketing Are you a good photographer, but struggling to get clients and grow your business? Want some awesome marketing ideas to take your photography business to new heights? Just like in any businesses, if you want to grow your business and get more clients, you need to market yourself better. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend tons of money on advertisements ... Read More
01 Jun 2011
Build Incredible Customer Loyalty By Giving Gifts to Clients
Gift ideas for clients Studies after studies have shown that people make buying decisions mostly on emotions, rather than reasons. For companies that can positively stir customers’ emotions (happiness, joy, excitement, hope, etc), they are rewarded with incredible customer loyalty. Furthermore, some of these customers become their most passionate ambassadors and evangelists. The lists of successful companies that come to ... Read More
20 May 2011
Boost Your Branding & Message by Promoting with Image USB Flash Drives
canvas art If you’re a musician, artist, photographer, or entertainment organization wanting more branding areas to show off your best image, the Image USB Flash Drive is perfect for you! Recently launched, the Image USB Flash Drive features a full color branding area. Now, you can present your logo, message, and image on any combination of the front and back of the device. By ... Read More
10 May 2011
Follow These Trade Show Marketing Tips to Get More Qualified Leads
Trade show tips Although new marketing ideas such as social media, blogging, and YouTube are getting all the publicity and hype, trade shows continue to be an important marketing channel for many organizations. Trade shows give you great opportunity to engage with your prospects and partners face-to-face, acquire qualified leads, get media coverage, and increase your brand visibility. However, without proper planning and ... Read More
26 Apr 2011
5 Powerful Methods to Build Brand Awareness Without Having to Shout
shouting for brand exposure In my previous post, I discussed the benefits of building a strong brand and using logo branded USB flash drives as a cost effective method of building brand awareness. As you know, the key to creating strong brand awareness is by repeatedly exposing your brand to your target audience. Your efforts to build brand awareness help consumers become familiar with ... Read More
14 Apr 2011
Keep Your Branding Message Visible in the Hands of Your Target Audience with Our Ink USB Flash Pens
promotional usb flash pen from Flashbay Some of you have been asking us for a stylish and fun, yet low cost promotional usb pen product. The wait is finally over. After extensive research and refinements by our product designer, we are launching an innovative & ergonomic usb flash pen product worthy as a promotional gift. During our research, we found that other USB pen designs currently in ... Read More
29 Mar 2011
The Most Cost Effective Method to Build Brand Awareness For Your Business
image of customized usb flash devices for building brand awareness Do you know how much your brand is worth? Most importantly, is your target audience even aware of your brand? The importance of building your brand Building a rock solid brand is the perhaps the best long term marketing strategy. Big name companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald, Nike, etc invest heavily in building their brands through advertisements, events sponsorships, and celebrity ... Read More
23 Mar 2011
Life Expectancy of a USB Flash Drive
image of usb flash devices for promotions USB flash drives are great to use for storing digital files and are replacing CDs & DVDs as the preferred storage media of choice. The advantages of flash drives is that they are portable, durable, and have incredible storage capacity (ranges from 64MB to 256GB as of 2010). Furthermore, they are able to retain the memory even after the ... Read More
18 Mar 2011
Cool Things You Can Do With a USB Flash Drive
image of usb flash devices for small business promotionals These days, USB flash drives are as ubiquitous as cell phones. As the prices come down and the sizes become smaller and smaller, more and more people are using them to store files and to copy/transfer files from one computer to another. Additionally, they pack lots of storage powers! But their uses are not limited to just copying and transferring files. ... Read More
25 Feb 2011
7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives
image of usb flash devices for promotions Businesses of all sizes today are looking for unique and cost effective ways to promote their businesses. In recent years, logo-branded USB flash drives have been popular and effective promotional tools for many businesses. Due to their popularity, the number of suppliers selling them have also grown dramatically. USB flash drives come in all shapes, sizes, storage capacities, styles, and quality level. ... Read More
16 Feb 2011
A High Tech Promotional Idea You Can Use to Grow Your Small Business
image of usb flash devices for small business promotionals According to several recent surveys, the recent recession has taken a toll on small businesses. Earnings have been dismal, forcing many small businesses such as car dealers, small retailers, and restaurants to close their shops. For businesses that are still trying to stay afloat, finding creative and cost effective promotional ideas to promote their businesses is necessary to help them stay in ... Read More
16 Feb 2011
Introducing the latest promotional tool – Lanyards with integrated USB flash drives
image of event lanyard usb flash drive promotional item from Flashbay While lanyards have been mainly used to hold ID cards and personal objects such as whistles and keychains, they have also been popular tools for marketing and promotions. A typical lanyard has a string with a plastic sleeve at the end to hold ID cards or any personal objects. They can be made in many different colors, although bright ... Read More
22 Oct 2010
Share some festive spirit with the Christmas USB
At the end of the year when the days close in and temperatures drop we know that Christmas is almost here and with it the perfect season to be thinking about corporate gift ideas. That’s why our talented team of designers have gone all festive and come up with the Christmas Series USB Flash Drive for use in all your ... Read More