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8GB is the new 128MB!
Flashbay Expands to Singapore
Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives
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Flashbay Number 1 on Trustpilot
carbon flash drive
Introducing Carbon, our new high-tech USB Flash Drive!
Our Hottest promotional gift this summer: the Slap USB Bracelet
USB Fan Drive
USB Bracelet For Your Fan Base
Trustpilot review of the day
Trustpilot Review of the Day
wafer usb card
Swedish News TV Show Highlights Flashbay’s Wafer USB Card
Executive USB Drive
Stay ahead of the curve with the Ellipse USB
Executive USB Drive
Looking for a corporate and trendy USB drive? Welcome the Executive USB
Light Custom USB Drive
Say Hello to our Light USB Drive and Shine brighter than your Competition!
nature USB flash drive
2012 Eco-Friendly Kick-Start with the Nature USB Flash Drive
flip usb flash drive
Introducing the Flip USB – Grow your business with this innovative USB Flash Drive
paper clip usb flash drive
Introducing the Clip USB - a cute & tiny USB flash drive that doubles as a Paper Clip
unique fundraising products ideas
Unique Fundraising Product Ideas for Schools, Clubs, and Churches
2GB USB Business Card
2GB USB Flash Drives - The most popular USB Storage Capacity for Promotional Uses