Our recent Enquiries

Here's a collection of our most recent enquiries for our products. You can click on each image below to find out more information about that specific model. We help 1,000s of organisations around the world with their promotional product needs. You can fill out a Quick Quote form and we can send you our latest prices, samples and branding information.
Twister - Custom USB Drives

Custom Flash Drives

Hi. Could we get a quote for a variety of units... 25, 50 and 100? Many thanks
Classic - Custom USB Drives

Bulk Flash Drives

Hello! I'm looking for pricing on bulk flash drives. I would be looking at purchasing similar products. You can reach me via email or phone. Thank you!
Kinetic - Custom USB Drives

Branded Flash Drives

For your USB flash drives, do you have any datasheets showing RoHS compliance and performance specifications?
Active - Custom USB Drives With USB-C

Bulk Buy USBs

We actually need 140 units of the USB drives 2 or 4 GB is fine in either black or white with a logo. This would be a pretty quick turn around so if you can provide: price per unit, set up/add'l cost, shipping cost and production time. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
Gyro - Custom USB Drives

Custom USB Keys

HI there, I would like a quote for 50 usb key. Smallest capacity. Cheapest price. Black colour. With one logo added on them.
Halo - Custom USB Drives with LED Light

Personalised Flash Drives

Hey, I would like to order another set of Halo 8gb flash drives again
Key - Key Shaped Flash Drive

Engraved USBs

Looking for a quote for 50 USB Flash drives, 32g, will have a lion head inscribed.
Executive - Leather USB

Logo Flash Drives

Need pricing on 250, 500 and 1000 please. We need flashdrives with our company's name on them.
Active - Custom Flash Drives With USB-C

Flash Drive Quote

Hi, I just sent a quote request. However, I need various quantities. 250/500/1000 please
Twister - Custom Flash Drives

Swivel USB Drives

Hi Could you please send me a price for 200 x 8 GB twister
Pod - Custom USB Drives

Data Loaded Flash Drives

Hello, I need 300 USBs with a logo imprinted and pre-loaded video data. My data will not exceed 10gb and we need for it to auto-play and loop. Is this something your preload services can do?
Focus - Custom USB Drives

Personalized Flash Drives

can you provide me a quote for 2000 and 2500 Focus drives 32gb 2.0 one color screen print 1 side or laser etched one side bulk packed - quote data loading as a separate cost. Email ASAP.
Crystal - Custom Glass USB Drives

Bespoke Flash Drives

We need 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB each 50ty with our logo (will be provided)
Focus - Custom Flash Drives

Customized Flash Drives

Planning on customizing the company's logo onto the "Focus" flash drive
Clip - Custom Paperclip USB Drives

Flash Drive Samples

Hello, Can you send us a sample box of your flash drives?
Event - Lanyard Flash Drive

Data Preload USBs

I would like to know do you pre upload music to the USB drives
Wafer - USB Business Card

Wafer Flash Drives

Hello I am enquiring about the 8GB wafer flash drives What would the price be for 300 (with logo)
Lynx - Custom USB Drives With USB-C

OTG Flash Drives

Hi guys, may I please get a price quote for 100pc of On the go USB and USB-C models Lynx, Active, Slide and Bounce with one colour logo.