Our recent Enquiries

Here's a collection of our most recent enquiries for our products. You can click on each image below to find out more information about that specific model. We help 1,000s of organisations around the world with their promotional product needs. You can fill out a Quick Quote form and we can send you our latest prices, samples and branding information.
Active - Custom USB Drives With USB-C

Custom Flash Drives

We had you do some drives for us in the past and would like to order more with the same artwork. Please give me a quote for 100 units like the past order.
Twister - Custom USB Drives

Swivel USB Sticks

I’m reaching out to request a Quote of swivel USB Flash Drive 8GB Quantity : 8,000 pcs
Nature - Wooden USB

Photographer Flash Drives

I'm in a urge of making a flash drive order because im openning on October 1st my Studio Photography. Please let me know if I can connect with you guys.
Classic - Custom USB Drives

Preloaded USBs

We would like the have our catalog pre downloaded on the USBs.
Gyro - Custom USB Drives

Catalog Preloaded USBs

We need the USBs to have our catalog pre downloaded.
Kinetic - Custom USB Drives

Bulk Flash Drives

What style would be one of the more economical USB Flash drives in a 2GB capacity? We need 1,000 to 2,5000 custom printed in one color
Twister - Custom Flash Drives

Printed Flash Drives

I need a basic 2G flashdrive printed with my business logo.
Trix - Custom USB Drives

Bulk Branded Flash Drives

looking for pricing on 500 USB flash drives with content pre-loaded on it. unsure on internal size of content
Focus - Custom USB Drives

High Speed Flash Drives

I am looking for high speed USB and precentation box
Kinetic - Custom Flash Drives

Flash Drive Prices

Hi there, may I know the price of 4G and 8G flash drives?
Pod - Custom USB Drives

Personalised Flash Drives

Good morning, We have ordered the 2GB Twister USB Flash Drive in the past. We want to re order them, however, we changed our logo and want to change that out before re-ordering.
Gyro - Custom Flash Drives

Video Preloaded USBs

Need 60 Flash Drives preloaded with video content. Video is 8-10 minutes long. Need timing and price. Thank you.
Jot - Custom USB Pen

Pantone Matched USBs

I'm interested in the Jot pantone matched to our color.
Halo - Custom USB Drives with LED Light

Branded Thumb Drives

We'd like to order our Aeroscope (plane) logo on some (various storage size) thumb drives.
Twister Go - Custom USB Drives With USB-C

Bulk Flash Drives

Hello, I need 75 red flashdrives 16gb pre-loaded with 11gb of files on the drive and 75 blue flashdrives 16gb pre-loaded with 7gb of files on the drive. How much would this be? Thanks!
Executive - Leather USB

Imprinted Flash Drives

We are looking to purchase 500-700 pieces and want a simple imprint.
Rotator - Custom USB Drives

Branded USBs Quote

Could you please provide quotes for 16GB and 32GB drives with a company logo? Thank you.
Key - Key Shaped Flash Drive

Custom Flash Drives

Need 32 GB and will require that you submit a vendor info packet per my school district.