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28 Sep 2015
USB Flash Drives for Portfolios
 For Designers, Photographers and Creatives alike, there is nothing more important for your career than presenting your best work in a professional and easily accessible way. How do you do this? With these simple tips and the use of a branded USB Flash Drive you are well on your way to getting your name or business out there and thriving! 1. Make sure you ... Read More
21 Sep 2015
Picture this: USB Flash Drives for Wedding Photographers
 Wedding Photographers use all kinds of methods to send photographs to their clients. In years gone by the happy couple only had the option of receiving their photographs as ‘actual physical photographs’. Nowadays the common choice is to get them digitally sent via a CD, File Share, email, or, as is understandably becoming more common, a USB Flash Drive. Why has ... Read More
20 Aug 2015
Windows 10 to be sold on USB Flash Drives
 If you ever needed more proof of how much the USB Flash Drive has become engrained in our everyday lives, look no further than Microsoft’s decision to sell Windows 10 on a USB Flash Drive. This announcement confirms months of internet rumours surrounding the release of Windows 10 and will mark the end of Windows being sold on CD’s. Windows 10 ... Read More
12 Aug 2015
Using USB Flash Drives to make the roads safer
 A major car manufacturer in the US is currently sending out over 1 million USB Flash Drives to their customers to help fix a large flaw with the vehicles on-board computer. The flaw was revealed by some US hackers and essentially allows a hacker to gain access to the on-board computer and control the engine, steering and brakes. This flaw affects ... Read More
23 Jul 2015
USB Flash Drive not showing data
 Have you ever plugged your USB Flash Drive into your computer or laptop, positive that there were files on there to view, yet the ‘USB Drive Folder’ on your screen is stating that the USB Flash Drive is empty? Fear not, you’re not the first person to experience this issue and fortunately there is a simple solution that could help you ... Read More
17 Jul 2015
Our new website
 Flashbay has been a busy place recently. Last month we announced the arrival of 3 new Flash Drive models to the Flashbay family – all exclusive to us and manufactured in our own factory of course. This month we’re pleased to announce that our new and improved website is now live! Our previous site served us well for many years but ... Read More
18 Jun 2015
36,523 Positive Trustpilot Reviews and Counting
 If you’re a company wanting to get your logo printed or engraved onto a USB Flash Drive, you want to be certain that you’re dealing with a reputable and experienced Promotional USB Flash Drive supplier. We’ve been manufacturing and branding USB Flash Drives since 2003 and over the last 12 years we’ve branded USB Flash Drives for tens of thousands of ... Read More
11 Jun 2015
Introducing our 3 new models – Gyro, BabyTwister and Gauge
 We’re very excited to announce the arrival of 3 new models to the Flashbay family. Each model has been tastefully designed and skilfully crafted and all 3 are exclusively available to our customers. Gyro: The Gyro is small and sleek with a rotating base that reveals and retracts the USB connector. Both sides can be screen printed with your brand’s message ... Read More
26 May 2015
Interesting uses for USB Flash Drives
 Many people think that the USB Flash Drive is only good for storing saved documents or presentations but they are capable of so much more than that. We hope you enjoy our top 7 ‘interesting uses’ for your USB Flash Drive. Running portable apps and games: Ever been stuck somewhere with your laptop and little or no internet connection? Help is ... Read More
13 May 2015
How much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?
 As industry leaders in branded USB Flash Drives we get to speak to hundreds of customers each day. As you would expect, we’re asked lots of questions about our different USB models, accessories and value added services like data preloading. However, the number one question by far is “how much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?” The short answer is, ... Read More
29 Apr 2015
Presentation ideas for your Flash Drives
 Here at Flashbay, we’re lucky enough to have some very creative customers and get to see lots of unique packaging ideas when it comes to presenting branded USB Flash Drives. For many customers, the branded USB Flash Drive is a small but important part of their overall project. Of course, we offer several presentation and accessory options, but some of our ... Read More
27 Apr 2015
Flashbay offers USB 3.0 option
 As industry leaders in branded USB Flash Drives we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the very best that USB technology has to offer. So it’s with great pleasure that we’re now giving customers the option of choosing a USB 3.0 interface when ordering the following models: Event, Executive, Ink, Image, Kinetic, Nature, Pod, Pop and Twister. What is a USB ... Read More
09 Apr 2015
USB Dead Drops
 An artistic project that began in 2010 is starting to gain real momentum and is starting to appear in cities around the world. The ‘USB Dead Drop’ project is the brainchild of ‘Architect Artist’ Aram Bartholl. USB Dead Drop involves Mr Bartholl and several of his global fans placing ‘hidden’ USB flash drives in and around city centres. The USB ... Read More
24 Mar 2015
Safely Remove USB
 When plugging a USB mass storage device into your PC or laptop you are often reminded to ‘safely remove’ the USB Flash Drive (or Hard Drive) after use. However, with all the technological advancements that have occurred in recent years, do you still need to follow this advice? The short answer is ‘yes’ and the following explains why safely removing your ... Read More
11 Mar 2015
How to recover lost data from a USB Flash Drive
 Flash Drives are incredibly reliable but there are still some ways in which you might be unlucky enough to lose data, for example: as a result of a virus, power surges or not ejecting the drive safely when removing it from a computer. If your Flash Drive comes from another supplier you might also find it contains some poor quality ... Read More
23 Feb 2015
How to promote your music
 With the help of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook a solo musician or band has the possibility to reach a global audience overnight. At Flashbay we’re huge music aficionados and we have put together the following checklist to help you promote your music. • Social media: YouTube has made more famous musicians than X Factor. Upload a video for each of your tracks ... Read More
16 Feb 2015
8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a boost
8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a boost There are always quick and easy wins when it comes to promoting a business if you know where to look. Here are our top 8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a new lease of life. Reviews - Search Google and compile a list of all the bloggers that cover your industry before inviting them to trial your products and services ... Read More
13 Jan 2015
Small Business Marketing
Small Business MarketingPromoting a small business can be quite a tough task because there isn't an endless reservoir of money to throw into the marketing pot. That said, there are steps that you can take to ensure you set off on the right track. • Go Local: When you first start your small business you should focus on one locality and attack it fiercely ... Read More
13 Jan 2015
Business-to-Business Marketing Ideas
B2B MarketingThere are certain business-to-business marketing ideas that could help you increase your client base and revenue fairly quickly without blowing your budget. Here are some of our favourite business-to-business marketing ideas. • Plan: You need to have a clear strategy in place before commencing any marketing activity. A timeframe needs to be laid out and a regimented budget limit set for each ... Read More
19 Dec 2014
Conquering ‘USB device not recognised’ on Windows
USB device not recognisedMany of us have come across the ‘USB device not recognised’ message on our home or work computers in the past and believe it or not it’s actually the most searched-for USB related query on Google. While many of us may succumb to the challenge, it is actually quite easy to resolve. As you would expect, the team here at Flashbay ... Read More