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27 Mar 2014
Which flash drive design should I choose?
Which flash drive design should I choose While each of our customised USB flash drive designs makes an excellent choice, the decision of which one you ultimately select can depend on your intended use for the product. For example, if you are considering using flash drives away as a promotional gift at a tradeshow, you may prefer to select a capacity that closely matches the size ... Read More
21 Feb 2014
Nature USB Drive awarded as an “Eco Design”
mobile-library At Flashbay we constantly strive to design products that meet our customers’ needs. As part of this portfolio of products we developed an eco-friendly drive called Nature. We found that many customers wanted a promotional gift that is effective as well as eco-friendly. Made from sustainable European Maple wood, the Nature USB Drive fills these requirements and is certified Carbon ... Read More
14 Feb 2014
Flashbay Donates to Qualibooks
mobile-library Qualibooks is a charity that provides library resources to Schools in South Africa. It is their vision to see that every school and community has access to much needed quality library resources, including books and related materials. One of their products is called the ‘Wheelie Wagon’; a mobile library unit that helps provide a solution to schools without a traditional library. Flashbay ... Read More
07 Jan 2014
The Evolution of USB Flash Drives
clip_usbAs part of our continued dedication to provide the most appealing, effective and brandable Flash Drive models occasionally we have to say goodbye to older designs to make way for the new. In 2013 we launched a number of new and exciting models and there are plenty more to come this year. Our philosophy is to keep a focused and relevant ... Read More
16 Dec 2013
CARE Australia Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
clip_usbThe victims of the Typhoon that hit the Philippines on the 8th of November are still in desperate need for help. The damage this disaster caused is extensive and the CARE Australia rescue teams working to get the country back on its feet urgently need assistance to be able to continue their work. So far they have helped hundreds of ... Read More
06 Dec 2013
Flashbay Donates to the Freedom Charity
clip_usb In South London recently, it was discovered that a group of women had been held for over 30 years against their will. Alerted by a phone call from one of these women, Freedom Charity was able to help them escape what was described as ‘invisible handcuffs’. Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland from the Metropolitan Police’s Human Trafficking Unit explained “A television documentary ... Read More
28 Nov 2013
British Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
clip_usb On Friday 8th of November 2013 the strongest storm ever to make landfall hit the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan (known locally in the Philippines as Yolanda) caused widespread destruction and left many people dead. Thousands of people are still left without shelter, food or clothing. The most important thing now is to give support to those providing help on the ground. The ... Read More
22 Nov 2013
Ordered, Customised and Delivered in just 6 working days!
hour_glass Our excellent lead times are possible because of the investment we have made in establishing and running our own factory based in Shenzhen, China. Our time from order to delivery is one of the shortest in the market - almost all of our products are available on a 6 working day lead time for orders between 25 and 5000 units. There’s ... Read More
20 Nov 2013
Flashbay and the environment
clip_usbAs a market leader in the promotional technology sector, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously as demonstrated by the fact that since February 2008 Flashbay has been Carbon Neutral certified. CarbonNeutral Company calculated Flashbay's footprint by measuring the CO2 equivalent emissions from its premises, manufacturing processes, logistics, company owned vehicles, business travel and waste to landfill. We reduced emissions by: Selecting Carbon Neutral ... Read More
18 Nov 2013
Boost your Brand with Presentation Tins
clip_usbBranded USB flash drives are highly effective marketing tools and deserve to be presented in the most professional manner possible. To maximise the impact of your promotion or project, Flashbay offers a range of brandable presentation tins and magnet boxes that perfectly complement your promotional flash drives and help to ensure that they leave a lasting positive impression. Both the presentation ... Read More
14 Nov 2013
8GB is the new 128MB!
clip_usb 10 years ago a 128MB flash drive was very useful but these days they are simply too small for most practical purposes. Leading memory chip manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix, Intel, Toshiba and Micron have shifted their production to match the demand for ever larger capacities, making it uneconomical to source high quality but low capacity memory chips for use ... Read More
12 Nov 2013
Flashbay Expands to Singapore
singapore_at_night Since 2003 Flashbay has been supplying Branded USB Flash Drives to companies around the world. From single-person Photography businesses to some of the largest companies in the world, Flashbay has helped businesses grow by supporting them with market-leading promotional Thumb Drives. As part of Flashbay’s expansion we are now selling our promotional drives to Singapore. So, if you are a Singapore ... Read More
30 Oct 2013
Flashbay breaks largest order record!
flashbay_750000_record We're pleased to announce that this month Flashbay has secured an order from a leading global company for 750,000 16GB flash drives, comfortably beating the previous largest order placed with us. Our customer will use the drives to distribute key digital training material to their global employees and Flashbay will preload the data directly onto the flash drives, making the ... Read More
21 Oct 2013
Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives
Custom Flash Drives are just great high tech promotional gifts, so versatile as to be embraced by a wide range of industries in their promotions. The music industry is a great example of how a particular industry has utilised custom USB drives in a very unique way: distributing album releases, fan merchandise, tickets or passes to live events has never been easier thanks ... Read More
23 Sep 2013
It's Back to School for your Business with the Focus USB
focus_usb_back_to_school With business booming again, it is time to focus on new ways you can promote your company, school or university. Our brand new Focus USB Flash Drive is the perfect tool to accomplish just this with its sleek and compact design. This lightweight and portable custom USB drive does not have a cap but a unique metallic case instead that ... Read More
09 Sep 2013
Flashbay Number 1 on Trustpilot
trustpilotAt Flashbay we pride ourselves on giving amazing service to our customers. Although we make some great custom flash drives we understand that we need to do more to ensure our customers keep coming back. We listen to our customers and help them through the process - suggesting products that suit their needs and providing virtual proofs to help them ... Read More
30 Jul 2013
Introducing Carbon, our new high-tech USB Flash Drive!
carbon flash driveEver dreamed of owning Lamborghini’s latest supercar Sesto Elemento? With a 5.2 liter V10 engine and constructed from lightweight Carbon Fiber, it’s one of the fastest cars in the world. While the Sesto Elemento is out of reach of most people, you can now get a small taste of carbon fiber technology with Flashbay’s new Carbon USB Drive! Available in black, ... Read More
02 Jul 2013
Our Hottest promotional gift this summer: the Slap USB Bracelet
The Slap USB Bracelet is the newest addition to Flashbay’s multifunctional USBs, specially made to easy slap on your wrist so that you can bring it with you wherever you go. This USB bracelet has been uniquely designed and manufactured by Flashbay. Its trendy style, combined with a high quality USB Drive memory, makes it an ideal promotional gift. You ... Read More
10 Jun 2013
USB Bracelet For Your Fan Base
USB Fan Drive YOGA TERROR, an international rock band born in the heart of Poland, released a fresh way of connecting with fans across the globe. Utilizing Flashbay’s stylish Lizzard USB bracelet Yoga Terror has created a FanDrive; a revolutionary way of rewarding fans. Purchasing a Yoga Terror branded FanDrive allows fans to receive benefits such ... Read More
08 May 2013
Trustpilot Review of the Day
Trustpilot review of the dayFlashbay believes in creating customer loyalty by providing a superior product and a superior service. Anyone who’s ordered our amazing custom USB drives will know how great the product and service is, but don’t just take our word for it! Each month we get hundreds of great reviews praising both our products and service. Today one of our reviews has even ... Read More