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24 Mar 2015
Safely Remove USB
 When plugging a USB mass storage device into your PC or laptop you are often reminded to ‘safely remove’ the USB Flash Drive (or Hard Drive) after use. However, with all the technological advancements that have occurred in recent years, do you still need to follow this advice? The short answer is ‘yes’ and the following explains why safely removing your ... Read More
11 Mar 2015
How to recover lost data from a USB Flash Drive
 Flash Drives are incredibly reliable but there are still some ways in which you might be unlucky enough to lose data, for example: as a result of a virus, power surges or not ejecting the drive safely when removing it from a computer. If your Flash Drive comes from another supplier you might also find it contains some poor quality ... Read More
23 Feb 2015
How to promote your music
 With the help of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook a solo musician or band has the possibility to reach a global audience overnight. At Flashbay we’re huge music aficionados and we have put together the following checklist to help you promote your music. • Social media: YouTube has made more famous musicians than X Factor. Upload a video for each of your tracks ... Read More
16 Feb 2015
8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a boost
8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a boost There are always quick and easy wins when it comes to promoting a business if you know where to look. Here are our top 8 Marketing Ideas to give your brand a new lease of life. Reviews - Search Google and compile a list of all the bloggers that cover your industry before inviting them to trial your products and services ... Read More
13 Jan 2015
Small Business Marketing
Small Business MarketingPromoting a small business can be quite a tough task because there isn't an endless reservoir of money to throw into the marketing pot. That said, there are steps that you can take to ensure you set off on the right track. • Go Local: When you first start your small business you should focus on one locality and attack it fiercely ... Read More
13 Jan 2015
Business-to-Business Marketing Ideas
B2B MarketingThere are certain business-to-business marketing ideas that could help you increase your client base and revenue fairly quickly without blowing your budget. Here are some of our favourite business-to-business marketing ideas. • Plan: You need to have a clear strategy in place before commencing any marketing activity. A timeframe needs to be laid out and a regimented budget limit set for each ... Read More
19 Dec 2014
Conquering ‘USB device not recognised’ on Windows
USB device not recognisedMany of us have come across the ‘USB device not recognised’ message on our home or work computers in the past and believe it or not it’s actually the most searched-for USB related query on Google. While many of us may succumb to the challenge, it is actually quite easy to resolve. As you would expect, the team here at Flashbay ... Read More
15 Dec 2014
Photography Marketing Ideas
photography marketing ideasWith the constant evolution of the internet there is an ever expanding range of possibilities a photographer can use to promote his or her services. Conversely the market has become increasingly competitive due to the easy availability of professional cameras at a relatively cheap price. Although it has become extremely hard to stand out from the crowd, there is ... Read More
02 Dec 2014
Flashbay donates to the Vital For Children Charity
Flashbay donates to the Vital For Children Charity16,000 children die from hunger-related illness every day. 1 billion children do not have access to decent sanitation. Over 115 million children do not get a basic education - 60% of whom are girls. These statistics are both shocking and moving. VITAL, founded in 2007 and currently operating in Kolkata India, aims to reduce these obscene numbers by providing a ... Read More
24 Sep 2014
The personal touch
The Nature USB ModelAs industry leaders in the branded USB flash drive market we handle tens of thousands of orders every year from businesses, institutions and organisations all over the world. We’ve created custom branded USB flash drives for almost every major company you can think of and one thing that we’ve consistently observed since we formed in 2003 is that every customer ... Read More
12 Aug 2014
Trust Flashbay to supply your USB flash drives
Recent media reports may have given you the impression that USB flash drives are the new weapon of choice for hackers trying to gain access to the valuable information on your computer but the reality is that if you purchase your devices from a trusted source then you have no need to be concerned. At Flashbay we pride ourselves on ... Read More
21 May 2014
Flashbay sponsors Hong Kong Junior Chamber Seminar
Note USB Memory PenFlashbay were proud sponsors of the 2014 Voyage of Business – Innovation Undertaking Seminar held in Macau last 10th of May. We gave away for all guests and young talents of the event 200 amazing custom Ink USB Pens carefully packaged and branded for the occasion in their magnet boxes. The conference was hosted by the Hong Kong junior chamber, a ... Read More
02 May 2014
The New Note USB Memory Pen
Note USB Memory Pen The Note USB memory pen is the newest addition to our range of multifunctional USB flash drives, perfectly designed to promote your brand whilst being a practical and useful product. This stylish pen is shaped to fit nicely in your hand and comes with the added benefit of an easily accessible USB flash drive that’s with you whenever you ... Read More
16 Apr 2014
How to Stand Out at an Exhibition
How to Stand Out at an Exhibition Having a presence at an industry exhibition can be a great way to reach new customers – you need to make sure that everyone you encounter remembers your company if you are to maximise your return on investment. Make sure people know you will be attending – of course you could put a banner on your website or in your email signatures ... Read More
09 Apr 2014
The New Wafer USB Card Video
USB Fan Drive To showcase our Wafer USB Drive, Flashbay has published a great new video – check it out to see this unique product in action. What makes the Wafer USB Card so distinctive is the large branding area on both sides – which can be photo printed with whatever image you want in full vibrant colour. We think fun and informative product videos ... Read More
27 Mar 2014
Which flash drive design should I choose?
Which flash drive design should I choose While each of our customised USB flash drive designs makes an excellent choice, the decision of which one you ultimately select can depend on your intended use for the product. For example, if you are considering using flash drives away as a promotional gift at a tradeshow, you may prefer to select a capacity that closely matches the size ... Read More
21 Feb 2014
Nature USB Drive awarded as an “Eco Design”
mobile-library At Flashbay we constantly strive to design products that meet our customers’ needs. As part of this portfolio of products we developed an eco-friendly drive called Nature. We found that many customers wanted a promotional gift that is effective as well as eco-friendly. Made from sustainable European Maple wood, the Nature USB Drive fills these requirements and is certified Carbon ... Read More
14 Feb 2014
Flashbay Donates to Qualibooks
mobile-library Qualibooks is a charity that provides library resources to Schools in South Africa. It is their vision to see that every school and community has access to much needed quality library resources, including books and related materials. One of their products is called the ‘Wheelie Wagon’; a mobile library unit that helps provide a solution to schools without a traditional library. Flashbay ... Read More
07 Jan 2014
The Evolution of USB Flash Drives
clip_usbAs part of our continued dedication to provide the most appealing, effective and brandable Flash Drive models occasionally we have to say goodbye to older designs to make way for the new. In 2013 we launched a number of new and exciting models and there are plenty more to come this year. Our philosophy is to keep a focused and relevant ... Read More
16 Dec 2013
CARE Australia Typhoon Haiyan Appeal
clip_usbThe victims of the Typhoon that hit the Philippines on the 8th of November are still in desperate need for help. The damage this disaster caused is extensive and the CARE Australia rescue teams working to get the country back on its feet urgently need assistance to be able to continue their work. So far they have helped hundreds of ... Read More