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Flashbay Factory

The Flashbay factory lies at the heart of our order fulfilment capability. Operating day and night, we produce large quantities of USB-related corporate gifts for prompt dispatch to our customers across the globe. According to Henry Jacksen, our Quality Control manager, "In a world of middle-men, Flashbay stands above the crowd as a genuine supplier - expertly assembling USB gifts from raw materials and offering them direct to end users at lightning quick lead times and with low prices" .

At a glance...

USB Flash Drives
  • Printing Department: Specialising in screen printing and digital printing, including in house film making.
  • Engraving Department: Offering high precision laser engraving machines.
  • Quality Control Department: A multi layered department ensuring quality at every stage.
  • Data Preloading Department: Featuring hi-speed mass preloaders.
  • Research and Development Department: Realising the dreams of our customers with the USB products of the future.
  • Logo branded USB Flash Drives are our speciality.
  • We regularly ship to over 20 different countries.

Dedicated to quality...

USB Flash Drives
  • Fully trained technicians run all our hi-tech machinery.
  • Quality Control workers conduct 7 stages of inspection on all products throughout the production process.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Logo branding is our passion...

USB Flash Drives
  • A large volume of products are printed or engraved every day. Utmost care is taken in reproducing your brand accurately.
  • Many of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world entrust Flashbay with promoting their brand identity using custom USB Flash Drives.