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Our team is responsible for keeping our employees safe, happy and productive online. We are the company’s critical thinkers and problem solvers, keeping calm under pressure and developing new processes and programs to make our networks, hardware and software more efficient.

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“Working at Flashbay for over 10 years has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I started Flashbay as Sales Account Manager before switching to the IT department and as such have experienced both ends of the spectrum. It's a great feeling to be able to support and assist your colleagues so that they can work to the best of their abilities and do the great work they do on a daily basis. Being the IT manager there's great scope for me to liaise with all members of our global offices regularly, be part of exciting projects and get exposure to the latest innovative technologies. The best part of working in this environment is the interaction and team spirit shown between all the staff when working together to achieve our respective goals; it has to be one of my main highlights and what comes to mind when I think about my time at Flashbay over the years" Erwin, VP Technology & Operations
"I joined Flashbay in 2016 as an IT Junior and progressed to the role of IT Support Engineer before being promoted to my current role of Senior IT Support Engineer. Throughout this time I have learned a great deal and met a lot of amazing people. Working in the IT department sees me interacting with teams in our global offices and also offers a vast number of projects which keep me in touch with the latest technologies. The best part of working at Flashbay is that every day is different, there are new challenges and new problems to solve every day which keeps us constantly engaged. That paired with the great teams we work along side makes Flashbay a great environment to work in." Dan, Senior IT Support Engineer, UK

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We have no job openings at present. However if you would like to send us your CV, you can still do so.

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